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Manufacturing & commerce platform for modern businesses

Boost your growth with Originscale's exclusive software purpose-built for today's manufacturers and digital businesses. Manage your manufacturing, marketing, sales, fulfilment, and digital commerce from a single platform.


Everything that you need to run your business all-in one place.

Why do businesses choose us?


Increase in productivity


Increase in conversions


Marketing ROI

Purpose-built for SMBs  |  Powered by AI  |  Optimized for Sales

Sell direct to consumers, take control of your business

Build a self-sustaining brand and take full control of your business, don’t let the middlemen eat into it. Put yourself in the driving seat with Originscale, boost sales, increase profits, innovate faster and create stronger brand loyalty.


Manufacture exactly what your customers want - take the guesswork out of your business

Produce what your customers want & let the demand drive your supply chain. Originscale does all the hard work for you so you are in command of your production, you will exactly know what to produce when to produce and how much to produce.

Engage with your customers - keep them for life

Engage with your customers directly & build long-lasting relationships. With Originscale, understand their behaviors, personalize offerings, anticipate churn, & create strong loyalty. In the D2C landscape, the relationship between the brand and consumer has to be more intimate and engaged. Turn your customers into brand ambassadors who provide product feedback, review products, and recommend them.


Build highly personalized experiences - make your customers feel special

Personalize customer experiences at every touchpoint, test & learn from their interactions, recommend only what they love, & convert more customers. Originscale’s AI-powered personalization engine smartly learns from every user interaction, understands their unique behavior & exactly knows the next move.

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Create Unique Brand Identity

75% of customers are willing to switch to brands that provide in-depth information about the product that goes beyond the physical label.


You + Originscale = Success!

Everything that you need to run your business in one place

Your success is our success, we're just a click away when you need help!

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World class 24x7 Support

Dedicated 24X7 support though our online help, access hundreds of how-to articles and videos anytime anywhere. 

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Dedicated Success Coach

You will have access to a dedicated customer success coach. Be it onboarding, on-demand  help on consulting to scale your business, your coach will be at your service - always!

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Cloud-based Platform

100% cloud based platform, no installation needed - always on!


"I love their straightforward style. They have transformed our online presence and we are attracting new business everyday"

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