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Tailored Nutraceutical ERP to Meet Your Industry Requirements

Attain 360° visibility and control over all your operations using a specialized enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from Originscale. It's time to make decisions with confidence.

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Are you experiencing angry Customers, who have lost trust in your products?

Prepare for the Future with an ERP Tailored for your Businesses 

Establish a resilient and sustainable supply chain by leveraging integrated AI that is interconnected and context-aware.

  1. Real-time lot tracking and tracing.

  2. Data visibility to make informed decisions.

  3. Instant insight into inventory levels and production.

  4. Effective batch sizing and scaling.

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Expandable and Secure Features Tailored for Nutraceutical Manufacturers

The nutraceutical industry is intricate and dynamic. Manufacturers like yourself are tasked with the ongoing production of high-quality products.

  1. Robust research and development (R&D) application

  2. Flexible quality control and management.

  3. Integrated supplement nutritional analysis and labeling.

  4. Ability to perform product recalls


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Minimize production time and material waste by determining demand through sales orders, scheduled jobs, and other indirect requirements.


Quality Control

Ensure product safety through integrated process controls that mandate quality checks at different stages of your production.


Formulation Management

Manage various formulas for private label products, each featuring distinct attributes as required by your customers.


Nutritional Information Labeling

Generate, modify calculations, and oversee nutrition facts labels directly from a centralized location.

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Ready to Optimize Your Nutraceutical Business Supply Chain?

Whether you engage in private-labeling, contract manufacturing, or produce specialty items, our nutraceutical manufacturing software caters to your specific needs in R&D, product development, production, quality, inventory, costing, FDA traceability, FDA compliance, planning, scheduling, and warehousing.

Efficiently handle Master Batch Records (MBR) electronically within our nutraceutical applications, tracking all aspects of product development, batch manufacturing, and quality transactions related to finished goods.

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