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Originscale ERP Software for Food and Beverage Businesses

Seize Full Command of Your Business using Originscale Traceability Softwrare 

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Are you experiencing angry Customers, who have lost trust in your products ?

Food Produce 

“With Originscale, we are able to quickly isolate where time and materials are being wasted. The first year we were on Originscale, we were able to scale our inventory variance down to $60,000 (from nearly 400,000)."

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Supply chain Planning 

Manufacturing operations



Sales & Distribution



MRP & Forecasting

Effortlessly ascertain your present and future material requirements, taking into account lead times, reorder points, and overall business activities. Simplify the process by generating new purchase orders with just one click!

Automate your Production 

Enhance your production efficiency by utilizing vision-guided robotic arms, automated guided vehicles, delta robots, and advanced inspection systems. Ensure strict adherence to food safety and quality standards, while simultaneously reducing labor costs and meeting the rising demand. farming cartoon.jpg

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Efficiently receive ingredients into your warehouse with a swift scan, and pinpoint their specific location with another scan. Gain instant visibility into your available ingredients and finished goods, along with their precise locations within your facilities.The Warehouse Management System in our software ensures seamless, high-quality lot tracing with user-friendly functionality.

Optimize supply chain transparency with end-to-end traceability

The concept of transparency has evolved significantly in the last two decades. Factors such as consumer expectations, recall rates, and regulatory standards, including the FSMA 204 traceability rule, have heightened the necessity for increased visibility and thorough transparency in the supply chain. Originscale's Traceability food traceability software integrates the Critical Tracking Events of your products and ingredients at the batch-lot level, offering a comprehensive visualization of your supply chain.

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True Farm-to-Fork

Embrace authentic farm-to-fork traceability, spanning from growers to suppliers, distribution centers to retailers or restaurants. Easily trace both forward and backward, accessing crucial data swiftly for prompt action in the event of a recall or outbreak.

Visualization at the Batch-Lot Level

Integrate the digitized Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) of your products as they move through the supply chain, achieving a thorough level of visibility and transparency.

Deliver Data-Driven Transparency

Enable your team to make informed decisions using data-driven insights from supply chain traceability. Authentic consumers become possible with accurate supply chain information regarding food origin, journey, and composition.

Some of the Originscale capabilities native to Food Industry 

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Product Aging  &Shelf Life

Monitor the aging of inventory, handle customer shelf life needs according to expiration dates, and leverage MRP to aid packaging initiatives.

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Quality Control

Guarantee top-tier product quality for your customers by implementing quality control holds throughout the production process

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Facilitate distributors and retailers in placing orders, verifying inventory availability, and reviewing outstanding balances via a B2B ecommerce platform.


Safe Quality Food Support

Address all SQF audit requirements efficiently within a singular platform.


Strict Lot Control

Implement quality control checks or QC holds, automatically record raw materials issued to a job, and incorporate lot numbers into GS1-128 barcodes for serialized inventory.



Monitor production yields at each stage for the purpose of regulatory reporting and cost analysis.

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