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Revolutionize your sales team with the power of AI.

Experience the power of our cutting-edge sales solutions, crafted to elevate your business to new heights. With Originscale, you can harness the capabilities of AI, sales automation, predictive analytics, and unified sales channels to drive unparalleled success
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Supercharge Your Sales with world's most Intelligent CRM solution


Intelligent CRM


Sales Automation


Sales Prediction & Forecasting


Unified Sales

Intelligent CRM

Our AI powered Originscale CRM  empowers you to Gain customer insights Like never before. We help you understand your customers on a whole new level, allowing you to more personalized interactions to build lasting relationships, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Digital Work Life

Sales Automation

Originscale automates repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters. Enjoy increased efficiency, reduced errors, and a faster sales cycle.

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Sales Prediction & Forecasting

With our predictive analytics, you'll make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Anticipate market trends and customer behaviors like never before.


Unified Sales Channels

Manage sales from all your channels with ease. Whether it's e-commerce, wholesale, mobile, or on the go, Originscale's unified approach simplifies your sales management.

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Meet Baloo - Your

AI Copilot

Use the power of natural language programming and just tell the AI bot "Baloo" to take day to day actions for you. 

  • What is Originscale's ERP solution?
    Originscale is the ultimate AI and automation ecosystem designed specifically for small and midsize businesses. It empowers businesses to unleash their growth potential, seize today's opportunities, and optimize their operations effortlessly.
  • What are the key features of Originscale's ERP solution?
    Key features include smart automation, dynamic inventory management, omnichannel order handling, and end-to-end traceability.
  • Is Originscale suitable for small and midsize businesses?
    Yes, Originscale is specifically designed for small and midsize businesses. Its features and pricing are tailored to meet the unique needs of these businesses.
  • What industries can benefit from Originscale?
    Originscale is versatile and can benefit businesses across various industries. Whether you are in retail, manufacturing, or any other sector, Originscale can be easily customised to suit your needs.
  • Can Originscale integrate with my existing shopify website?
    Yes, Originscale is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of existing systems. Our team will work with you to ensure a smooth integration process.
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