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Know exactly what’s happening throughout your product making & selling, all in one place.

Win more customers, give them the transparency they always wanted.

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Get end-to-end Traceability

Cut time and money by half, double your supply chain efficiencies

Know exactly what's happening and where at all times with no exceptions, get complete visibility into your supply chain at your fingertips.

Track & Trace critical supply chain events both backward and forward

Proactively manage safety and compliance issues

Initiate Recalls and Withdrawals instantly

Manage Suppliers, Contract Manufacturers, Third-parties & regulators all in one place

Manufacture & Sell Direct to anywhere

Go direct to your customers & scale sustainably at speed

Manufacture & Sell direct to customers

Increase profitability, ditch marketplace commissions

Sell across multiple channels all from one place

Know your customer, build a loyal tribe


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Manufacturing made simple 

10 X your throughput with automated & intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing through smart automation

Integrated manufacturing & sales - manufacture exactly what sells

Onboard all manufacturers & suppliers on a single platform 

360-degree view of your manufacturing and sales operations

Sustainable Manufacturing -Cut Waste & Minimize Environmental Impacts 

Automation first

Originscale follows intelligent Automation first strategy, that learns by itself and goes beyond If Then Else. It leverages advanced AI based automation that works 24X7 to find opportunities to cut costs, boost sales and increase profitability.

PO automation

Manufacturing automation

Automate Orders

Automatic traceability


Traceability & Trackability

Module stitches together the critical tracking events of your products and ingredients at the batch-lot level to give you a real-time visualization.

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Order management

Manage all your orders from a single platform built to help brands move fast and shake up their industries.

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Demand planning

Keep your products stocked, with constantly updating values like sales velocity, reorder quantities and forecasted reorder dates

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Recall & withdrawal

Initiate a recall or stock withdrawal across all your locations simultaneously from Originscale, using email, phone, and text.

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Purchasing & replenishment

Including consolidated data, accurate cost capture, and streamlined workflows for your team.

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AI driven forecasting

Forecast like a pro with real-time actionable data

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Inventory management

Seamlessly integrates your sales channels and inventory locations to give your team complete and reliable inventory control.

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Reporting & Analytics

Run faster, smarter operations with help from dozens of easy-to-use online reports.

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Bot driven automation

Program our Orderbots to handle everything from real-time rate-shopping to automatically routing orders to the most efficient fulfillment centers

Connect your physical & digital

channels - market better, magnify profits

Closing the gap by connecting physical and digital channels, and provide customers the data they are looking for.

Scale your business with AI powered deep insights to

boost your sales & increase profitability.

Boost your margins, bottom line, and organizational efficiency with obsessively detailed data on every individual SKU and operation. Combined with our predictive analytics, you can forecast your growth with total clarity and confidence.



Boost Productivity




Reduce Waste

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