Single window tracking

Track down all your products in one single place with advanced filters. Initiate investigation or instantly trigger product recalls or withdrawals all from one single place across all your locations.

Act with accuracy & speed

Instantly create incidents and tie them back to the investigation and respond with uber accuracy and in a matter of seconds through various communication channels.

Automated recalls & withdrawals

Respond to product recalls with speed and accuracy

Initiate a product recall or stock withdrawal across all your locations simultaneously from Originscale in a matter of seconds.

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Simple recall & withdrawal management solution built for today.

Real-time recall data
Smart communication

Get a dashboard view for a real-time view of all incidents, investigations, product recalls, and withdrawals initiated from the platform. 

Instantly communicate any anomalies, recalls and stock withdrawals across your supply chain to all your stakeholders and locations via text, email, and phone.

Automate escalations

Time is money and a non-action can cost you millions and severe reputation loss. Originscale can automatically escalate if actions are not taken in a specified timeframe.


Powered by Blockchain-based technology, Originscale, helps you recall & withdraw in seconds

Powerful data-driven insights

Originscale follows a data-driven approach and brings multiple dashboards with powerful insights enabling product recall and withdrawal optimization.

Highly targeted actions!

Act with precision, initiate a targeted stock withdrawal or recall specific products or locations impacted in your supply chain.


Document your recall & withdrawal operations and ensure that you are able to mitigate risks and adhere to compliance. 

Check out originscale's recall readiness guide - lessons learned & a look ahead

Recalls are bound to happen in any industry. While no organization wants to be at the center of a major outbreak or class 1 recall, all organizations throughout the food supply chain must be prepared for this reality. In 2018, we witnessed several high profiles recalls with a nationwide impact. From raw foods to cereal snacks, the recalls of 2018 had a major impact on nearly all product categories. This a major concern.

Are you prepared?

Act now:

  • Onboard and approve all of your suppliers in a single platform.

  • Capture and report quality incidents, as well as recoup costs of nonconforming product.

  • Go beyond “one-up-one-back” to achieve enhanced, lot-level end-to-end traceability.

  • Reduce time and costs associated with investigations and stock withdrawals.

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Get acquainted with the recall readiness guide

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