Purchase with ease & replenish smartly!

Originscale makes purchasing and replenishment business really easy, so you can rather focus on boosting sales.

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Purchasing made simple.

Arm your team with insights into your purchasing business across all suppliers or manufacturers. Originscale's helps you stay on top of open purchases and expected-by dates for each location.


With Originscale, you’ve got reliable purchase order management system providing dynamic inventory insights at your fingertips including raw materials and finished products that help you prevent missed production timelines, sales, avoid stockouts, and free up cash by optimizing operations so you can reinvest in your business.


Save time and optimize purchasing and replenishment using Originscale

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Integrated with Accounting

Originscale natively integrates with your choice of accounting software like Quickbooks and Zero. Your purchase order automatically lands into your accounting software with no extra effort!

Single Window purchasing

Manage your purchases in a single window across multiple suppliers or manufacturers. Originscale works seamlessly with the entire value chain and helps you navigate through the end-to-end process from planning to manufacturing, shipment, arrival, receipt, and closure across channels & locations.

Manage your inventory costs efficiently across suppliers and locations.

Track fluctuating costs

Track cost fluctuations over time with Originscale's built-in financial reporting. Use AUC or FIFO cost assumptions.

Post-receipt cost management

Originscale is agile, gives you the flexibility to adjust quantities and cost of goods received post-receipt so you exactly capture the landed costs.

Keep your team focused

Team controls to limit financial access to only team members who really need it.

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See how originscale can help you optimize your operations, reduce cost, and retain more customers.

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