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A purpose-built omnichannel platform for small & medium businesses experiencing growth looking to streamline operations, boost sales, gain visibility into their processes and engage with customers directly    


Originscale is the future of direct-to-consumer

Go direct, leverage more channels, sell more and expand your reach!


Unified manufacturing & Sales

Run unified manufacturing & sales operations with ease by leveraging the power of Originscale. Get end-to-end visibility across manufacturing & sales so you know what to produce, when to produce, how much to produce without any silos.


Cross-channel Insights

Get 360-degree insights across your channels, know exactly how your channels are performing and take decisive actions - all in real-time.



Originscale gives you the power to sell in any channel and on any platform that you need. With a centralized data hub, your buyers can seamlessly move between channels without missing out. You’ll also get insights into market performances, customer retention strategies, and more through this product.

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Ready to get started?

made simple!

Originscale has brought smart manufacturing to the next level with automated technologies and intelligent processes for both manual labour and digital workforce so you can scale your business while simplifying operations.

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Smart Automation

Originscale helps you automate your manufacturing operations. Features include real-time tracking of work orders, shop floor control, warehouses monitoring including automatic reordering and exception management. Your business is fully covered!

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Intelligent Inventory Management

You can finally say goodbye to spreadsheets, when you use Intelligent inventory management. Orders are all done in one place. You don’t need to know about shipping locations or re-ordering needs, because they are intelligent too!

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Continuous Cost optimization

Originscale is the continuous optimization service that helps businesses identify frontline challenges and fix them before you even know there's a problem.

That means less waste of time, energy, money, materials - everything.

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Take charge of your inventory across multi-channels!

Originscale offers a best-in-class inventory control solution that seamlessly integrates across your channels and locations giving your 360-degree view and full context.

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Sell like a king!

Turn inventory faster, maintain higher margins, and reduce manual inventory-related tasks so you can sell better and faster.

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Raw Material & Finished Products

Originscale manages both manufacturing and sales inventory that includes raw materials and finished products. Give your team insights into what's in stock, how much is on the way as well as when it’s expected to arrive.

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Make a Smart Purchase

With end-to-end insights under your belt, you know how much inventory you have across the board and at each of your locations, you can purchase and replenishment more smartly.

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End to End Traceability

At Originscale traceability is not optional and it comes by default. We use modern technology to track and trace key critical events of your products and ingredients at the batch-lot level and provide real-time actionable insights along with a visualization tool.


Visualization tool

Stitch together the Critical Tracking Events of your products to get real-time visibility of your product lifecycle in the supply chain with exact dates & timings.

Investigate quality issues instantly

When a product safety or a quality issue occurs, you can simply create an incident and start investigating the issue right at the batch/lot level to identify the root cause. In a matter of seconds, you could initiate recalls or withdrawals based on the outcomes.

Actionable data-driven insights

Gain deep insights into the supply chain and identify inefficiencies in real-time. Analyze in seconds where and how your product is spending time, average dwell time, time-since-production, production velocity, and much more. 

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Don't assume: make data-driven decisions

Run faster, smarter operations with help from easy-to-use intelligent reports.

Drive unified decisions

Break down organizational silos to quickly gain detailed retail reporting from inventory, sales, and purchasing data.

Break silos and eliminate bottlenecks

Boost productivity, close the books faster, and equip team members with the insights they need to push the business forward, whether it's through financial reporting.


View and communicate insights at a glance with the help of in-app charts and a graphical reporting dashboard.

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