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Direct to consumer strategy: what works and what doesn't?

The Direct-to-Consumer (DTC or D2C) strategy is very prevalent nowadays with the ongoing demand to cut off the expenses through the middlemen by eradicating the exploitation. It is a great practice to know exactly what the consumers or the target audience of the brand requires.

With the global pandemic overpowering the world all over, digital marketing and sales have seen a higher growth while it has been difficult for brands to look for a physical impact and who doesn’t love to sit at the ease of their homes and get everything delivered right at their doorsteps. Despite the fact that the retail sector has seen a whole lot of downfall in the year 2020, it has been estimated that the worldwide retail E-Commerce sales have grown to 27.6% for the year, for a total of $4.280 trillion.

The D2C strategy has accelerated at a greater level for E-Commerce businesses to help them gain better market strength while taking care of their profit margin too. This strategy helps them to differentiate from their competitors as well as increase customer retention. It provides them with an actionable consumer data for the better and further development of the brand itself.

As essential as it is for adapting this strategy in a fast-paced market, there are certain tips and tricks that should be kept in mind while dealing directly with consumers. These essentials might make the brand more approachable and easily understood by their target audience. Here’s a guide to efficient Direct To Consumer strategy.

Essentials for Direct To Consumer Strategy:

1. Strong Social Media Presence:

In the era of having medicines to groceries available, a few clicks away, it is very important for any brand to have a strong social media presence. Around 99% population of the world uses mobile phones and nonetheless, social media platforms broaden your demographics and provide you with a larger audience. Digital marketing has proven to be the most cost-effective way to reach potential consumers. In fact, U.S. Digital marketing spend has risen to about $332 billion by the end of the year 2021. With great visuals and effective content marketing, brands can directly reach to their customers while gaining recognition and hence can become efficiently established in the market.

2. Think out of the Box:

Being innovative has always been beneficiary for any brand, which is why they are able to sell their product and their ideology. Identifying any particular product that is used by consumers on a daily basis and making it affordable is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Apparently through D2C brands have direct link to the consumers hence, the understanding of the product that they are providing gets easier, which is because of the streamlined to-market process, DTC providers can gain benefits out of that. Marketing them in the right direction will eventually become a part of the brand’s journey towards success.

3. Develop different streams:

Diversifying your services into different streams shows how effortlessly the businesses or brands can offer their products. Cutting off the middlemen like wholesalers, can provide the customer direct attention and options for them to choose on the basis of their requirement. If they have a platform from where they can get a particular product, consumers tend to gain trust in the brand and hence maintain the quality of the product.

4. Enhance Customer Support:

The main part that businesses are considerate about in the D2C strategy are the consumers. If they have a hands-on-experience of dealing with efficient customer support, it shows the credibility of the brand, hence differentiating the particular brand from its competitors. It can be done through either having an entirely unforgettable and creative experience while shopping to making impacts on the feedbacks received and easy shipping and returns. The lesser the hassle, the more the benefit.

5. Conduct Collaborations:

These can be an effective strategy by either collaborating through influencers or consumers themselves. When the consumers feel involved they tend to make the brand’s services as a part of their lifestyle. Working with brands that have a similar niche will help brands in gaining more exposure and broadening their target audience. Apart from that, building relations with different brands can boost up the quality of products provided.

These essentials will help any DTC entrepreneur to make potential growth for their business and it is a credible opportunity to make their own remark in the market with complete transparency. It is the golden key to success in the D2C industry.

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