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Personalize every customer interaction, and make them feel special.

Let your customers seamlessly discover products that they love, AI-powered engine delivers highly personalized recommendations driven by data.
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Deliver personalized experiences

Deliver highly personalized “made for each other” experiences through our smart personalization engine, purpose-built for CX and not just the UX. Delight your customers with personalized product recommendations, content, offer image, CTA, and nudges throughout their journey with your channels.

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Turn every interaction into conversion

Turn interactions like Scrolls into conversion by helping customers discover the most relevant products that they are likely to buy. Our AI engine analysis every customer behavior and provide unique insights to drive sales and retention.

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Act precisely with
Data-driven insights

With data at the center, Originscale provides actionable insights so that you know what's happening where and take appropriate actions. Track, measure & optimize with easy-to-understand metrics, simply understand what's working, and what's not working, & re-calibrate your strategy accordingly.

Build personalized experiences, and make your customers feel special

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