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Re-imagine your manufacturing, and produce just what your customers want.

Get end-to-end visibility and control over all the moving parts of your business, right from your production floor to inventory, sales, QA, and beyond.
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Manufacture exactly what your customers want.

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Take the guesswork out of your business!


Smart Automation

Put all your orders in order with smart automation. Manage your manufacturing operations through smart automation with real-time data - dynamic manufacturing, complex BOMs, work orders, shop floor, warehouses, automatic re-ordering, incident management & more.

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Dynamic inventory management

Goodbye ugly spreadsheets, enter intelligent inventory management. Keep track of materials and product stock to avoid stock-outs. Track and optimize inventory movements across multiple warehouses & channels by setting up reorder points and prioritizing your sales orders.


Omnichannel Order Management

Deliver omnichannel ordering experience across channels - Social, Website, App, In-Store, or Marketplaces. With a 360-degree view of your orders, you will have full control of your eCommerce and B2B operations. Identify any risks proactively and prevent them from happening.

Take charge of your inventory across multi-channels!

Originscale offers a best-in-class inventory control solution that seamlessly integrates across your channels and locations giving your 360-degree view and full context.

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Sell like a king!

Turn inventory faster, maintain higher margins, and reduce manual inventory-related tasks so you can sell better and faster.

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Raw Material & Finished Products

Originscale manages both manufacturing and sales inventory that includes raw materials and finished products. Give your team insights into what's in stock, how much is on the way as well as when it’s expected to arrive.

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Make a Smart Purchase

With end-to-end insights under your belt, you know how much inventory you have across the board and at each of your locations, you can purchase and replenishment more smartly.

made simple!

Originscale has brought smart manufacturing to the next level with automated technologies and intelligent processes for both manual labour and digital workforce so you can scale your business while simplifying operations.


Integrate with the best eCommerce accounting, Reporting, CRM Software.

With originscale you can manage your markets in one place and get insights into what is working best for each of them. Get customized integrations that sync with Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and more so nothing gets left out!

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End to End Traceability

At Originscale traceability is not optional and it comes by default. We use modern technology to track and trace key critical events of your products and ingredients at the batch-lot level and provide real-time actionable insights along with a visualization tool.


Visualization tool

Stitch together the Critical Tracking Events of your products to get real-time visibility of your product lifecycle in the supply chain with exact dates & timings.

Investigate quality issues instantly

When a product safety or a quality issue occurs, you can simply create an incident and start investigating the issue right at the batch/lot level to identify the root cause. In a matter of seconds, you could initiate recalls or withdrawals based on the outcomes.

Actionable data-driven insights

Gain deep insights into the supply chain and identify inefficiencies in real-time. Analyze in seconds where and how your product is spending time, average dwell time, time-since-production, production velocity, and much more. 

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