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Built for fast-moving manufacturing where visibility is vital

Manage all your business operations from sales to production in one visual platform.

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See why thousands of customers manage manufacturing with originscale.

Software that brings your manufacturing business to life

Get the data you need when you need it with a manufacturing ERP that moves as fast as your sales and inventory.

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Boost efficiency and align your teams with features designed to give you total visibility and control

Get a live look at your manufacturing business with features
that keep your teams and products moving.

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The inventory optimization and control you need


Keep track of materials and product stock to avoid stock-outs

  • Get total inventory control for finished products and raw materials

  • Automate inventory transactions and set reorder points to prevent stock-outs

  • Track on-hand, committed, and expected stock amounts in real-time

  • Manage product variants and materials in one place

  • Monitor your inventory across multiple warehouses

  • Use barcodes to receive stock

Get your data ready.

Once your data is imported, it's easy to prepare, cleanse, & transform data—allowing you to blend multiple data sources to fuel metrics and dashboards. Grow supports the following transformations:

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Non-SQL Transformations

Leverage No Code Transforms that write SQL behind the scenes with support for the following:

-  Filter & Group

-  Summary Stats 

-  Rename Columns

SQL Transformations

Write custom PostgreSQL to transform one or more data tables. Leverage the power of PostgreSQL, one of the most advanced query languages currently available, to explore more advanced data structures, like arrays and JSON.

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Get set up in under 7 days

It’s that simple. For more guidance visit our Knowledge Base.


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Enlist the help of a verified originscale Partner

Talk to one of our Partners and get a consultation from a seasoned implementation, manufacturing, or accounting expert.

Test out with a free, full-access trial for 14 days

-  Get started in minutes

-  No credit card required

-  Cancel anytime

Learn more about plans and pricing

-  Plans starting from $99 / month

-  Annual and monthly billing options

-  Add users and warehouses as you grow

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See how no code machine learning can transform your business and change how you make decisions.

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