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Go direct to your customers, win them for life!

Put yourself into the driving seat with Originscale D2C solution, and turn every customer interaction into a personalized experience. Build a self-sustaining brand that knows how to turn challenges
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Sell direct to consumers, take control of your business

Get a 360-degree view of customers

With the power of data, you will exactly know what's happening where in your business. Originscale stitches every customer interaction and is learning from it at all times, giving you a holistic 360-degree view of your customers. With actionable insights, take action before it happens.

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Reduce churn with our AI-powered churn predictor

Customers are at the core of a D2C business, you can’t afford them to go. Our AI engine provides exact predictions on when your customer is likely to leave along with recommendations to prevent the churn. Re-engage with your customers with targeted 1:1 campaigns across multiple channels to increase customer loyalty and prevent churn.



No more Cart Abandonments

Convert every cart into payment, and reduce drop-offs with highly personalized exit-intent popups. Keep your customers informed about their carts and wishlists, and re-engage with them with targeted messages. Bring more customers back to your D2C channels and increase conversions. Deliver 1:1 product recommendations across all channels, preventing drop-offs at every touchpoint.


Convert every interaction

Glue visitors to your D2C website with AI-powered personalized product recommendations intuitively driving seamless navigation, leading to higher product discovery & more purchases.


Boost order value by targeted Cross-selling

Originscale gives you the power to sell in any channel and on any platform that you need. With a centralized data hub, your buyers can seamlessly move between channels without missing out. You’ll also get insights into market performances, customer retention strategies, and more through this product.

Build an experience, not just an online store

D2C business is not only about building an online store or running some random ads, this thinking is often a recipe for disaster. With Originscale, build highly engaging personalized experiences that will turn every interaction into sales. Engage with your customers as if you were made of each other and build a long-lasting relationship. Keep them for life!

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