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Keep your customers engaged, keep them for life!

Increase conversion and retention with the most intelligent engagement platform.
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Engage with your customers like never before, keep them for life


Targeted Campaigns

Increase engagement with personalized campaigns driven by actionable insights. Deliver targeted content, notifications, emails, SMS, nudges, offers to customers, and increase conversion. Tune your campaigns based on real-time feedback. 


360-Degree View of customers

Build a 360-degree understanding of your customers by leveraging data generated from every single customer interaction across your channels both online and offline - website, mobile app, marketplaces & social channels. Take actions based on real insights and boost customer loyalty.


Deliver personalized Website experiences

Delight your customers with the personalization of specific elements of your website. Lead them into the right product, content, offer, image, or CTA to nudge them in order to boost conversion.

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Create a one-click social conversion

Create seamless one-click checkouts for quick conversion from email, SMS, or any social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, etc.


Customer Loyalty

High engagement equals stronger loyalty, make every single customer purchase rewarding by engaging them via a super simple loyalty program. Launch targeted loyalty programs for different categories of customers, and keep them for life.

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