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Modern software for distributing cannabis and managing inventory efficiently

Streamline your supply chain management

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Best cannabis erp software

Originscale specializes in streamlining and improving supply chain management for the cannabis industry. Our cutting-edge distribution software is tailor-made for your business, providing a complete solution for inventory tracking, order fulfillment, compliance, and more. Say goodbye to complex stock processes and limited functionalities – upgrade your cannabis supply chain software with Originscale.

Originscale seed to sale software help track the growth of your plants across different stages of cultivation and harvest.

Optimize Stock Replenishment

Generate purchase orders seamlessly using sales and demand projections.

Effectively Manage Your Inventory

Efficiently monitor and manage your inventory of cannabis and non-cannabis items with precision.

Originscale goes beyond simply tracking raw materials to finished goods.
Gain complete operational visibility and run a successful retail business with Seed and Beyond’s Hemp & CBD Retail Module, by

Run Your Business Anywhere

Enhance your business efficiency with a seamless experience across Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

An All-In-One Cannabis Distribution System For Managing Your Supply Chain

Streamline your supply chain management with a centralized system that seamlessly integrates every aspect of your business. From fluctuating seasons and stock levels to efficient replenishment, this solution optimizes your financials and inventory management

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Ensure Timely Order Fulfilment

A unified system to oversee all aspects of your business, covering finance and operations, seed-to-sale processes, compliance
Originscale ERP is equipped with the features and functionalities that cannabis cultivators and processors require for their

Optimise Manufacturing Capacity & Resources

Expertly Delivered

Delivered by experts in cannabis technology with significant experience in implementing solutions for the cannabis industry.

Visualise Your Data In New Ways 

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Experience a new level of clarity in cannabis supply chain management. Easily analyze, visualize, and explore your data through visual reports. Collaborate and share these reports effortlessly, empowering you to make smarter retail decisions. Unlock the potential of powerful distribution reports on crucial topics.


Warehouse Capacity


Distribution Cost per Unit Shipped


Product Performance


Pricing History

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Efficiently and accurately fulfil orders for in-store pickup or delivery.


Easily track your drivers in real-time for efficient delivery routes and timely deliveries.



Our Distribution module seamlessly integrates with other originscale modules, offering a complete solution for your cannabis business.


The Originscale Distribution module aims to improve your operational efficiency, helping you save both time and money.



Streamline your workflow by automating time-consuming tasks, reducing the need for unnecessary staff and manual data entry.


Improve accuracy in product distribution by automating tracking and using barcode scanning to reduce human errors.

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Meet Baloo - Your

AI Copilot

Use the power of natural language programming and just tell the AI bot "Baloo" to take day to day actions for you. 

Baloo the AI chatbot by originscale
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