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Originscale is purpose-built software for small to medium manufacturers experiencing growth looking to streamline operations, gain visibility into supply chains and engage with customers directly.  

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  • Multi-channel sales

  • Direct-to-consumer

  • Traceability - recall

  • Customer engagement & beyond!

  • Withdrawal

  • Manufacturing

  • Inventory

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Take charge of your supply chains, with complete visibility into your operations.


Manufacturing solution

Integrate your manufacturing  and sales with originscale  smart automation software


Traceability & Trackability

Get complete visibility of your supply chain at  batch-lot level with real-time visualization. 


Sell Direct to anywhere 

With originscale 360-degree cross-channel insights, reach wherever your consumers.


Enhance customer engagement

Stop paying commissions to resellers, marketplaces, retailers and others.

Manufacturing made simple!

A bill of materials is an inventory of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture a product.

Manufacturing cost optimization

Originscale manufacturing software smartly tracks your manufacturing operations, the movement of the raw material, and product inventory.

Automated of Tracking Bill of Materials

Originscale uses smart automation so that you don't have to keep track of your raw materials manually, how much you currently.

Proactively manage Manufacturing KPIs

Be on top of your manufacturing KPIs, Originscale automatically manages your KPIs and keep you on your toes

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Making Traceability a First-Class Citizen.

Originscale CRM's workflow automation helps you be more productive by handling routine tasks for you. You can create a workflow for a module, set it, and forget it! Originscale.

Visualization tool

Stitch together the Critical Tracking Events of your products to get real-time visibility of your product lifecycle in the supply chain with exact dates & timings.

Multi view Traceability

Through originscale, gain visibility into upstream & downstream data flow using intuitive multi-view traceability.

Batch/Lot level Traceability 

Access the critical tracking events of your product batches & lots on your fingertips with super ease.

Sell Direct to anywhere & everywhere

Easily add new channels via over a dozen integrations. Originscale channel and store inventory control support and maintains your channels so you don't have to.


Add new channels with ease via out of the box integrations with channels like Shopify and others.

Leverage our expertise

Whether you’re expanding into wholesale, physical retail, or marketplaces, tap into our expertise in helping other brands

Compare Channels

See how these channels perform and compare to each other. Track them down in real-time and manage your KPIs effectively.

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Enhance customer engagement

Easily add new channels via over a dozen integrations. Originscale channel and store inventory control support and maintains your channels so you don't have to.

Loyal Customer Tribe

Build a loyal customer tribe around your purpose and your customers' value. Turn them into your brand ambassadors.


Unique Brand Identity

Create a unique brand identity, around trust by providing transparency that the customers need and showcasing your purpose.

Engage with your customers

Millennials drove brands to be purposeful, but Gen Z are demanding proof. Are you ready for the challenge?


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Product Features

Traceability & Trackability

Module stitches together the critical tracking events of your products and ingredients at the batch-lot level to give you a real-time visualization.

Order management

Manage all your orders from a single platform built to help brands move fast and shake up their industries.

Demand planning

Keep your products stocked, with constantly updating values like sales velocity, reorder quantities and forecasted reorder dates

Recall & withdrawal

Initiate a recall or stock withdrawal across all your locations simultaneously from Originscale, using email, phone, and text.

Purchasing & replenishment

Including consolidated data, accurate cost capture, and streamlined workflows for your team.

AI driven forecasting

Forecast like a pro with real-time actionable data

Inventory management

Seamlessly integrates your sales channels and inventory locations to give your team complete and reliable inventory control.

Reporting & Analytics

Run faster, smarter operations with help from dozens of easy-to-use online reports.

Bot driven automation

Program our Orderbots to handle everything from real-time rate-shopping to automatically routing orders to the most efficient fulfillment centers

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