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Own your customers 

Own your customers, build long-term intimateEngage with you customers directly, get deep insights into who are they, where they hangout and what do they like. Get ahead of the game! relationships with them - build a sustainable business.

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Why Originscale?

Super power of machine learning, without code.

Obviously AI puts the world’s most cutting-edge algorithms in your hands, without compromising on performance.

Forecast revenue, optimize supply chain, personalize marketing. You can now know what happens next.



Businesses using Originscale AI to predict from their data.


Bulk Import

Total machine learning
models created.


AI forecasting

Hours saved from building repetitive ML models.

Predict Anything

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Sell direct to

Easily add new channels via over a dozen integrations. Originscale channel and store inventory control support and maintains your channels so you don't have to.



Manage your manufacturing operations through smart automation - real-time manufacturing, complex BOMs, work orders, shop floor, warehouses, automatic re-ordering, incident management & more.

Cross-channel Insights

Get 360-degree insights across your channels, know exactly how your channels are performing and take decisive actions - all in real-time.


Manage all your sales channels seamlessly - B2B or eCommerce all from one place.

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Simplify, Automate & Scale!

10 X your throughput with automated & intelligent manufacturing. Scale your business by simplifying your operations.

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Smart Manufacturing 

Manage your manufacturing operations through smart automation - real-time manufacturing, complex BOMs, work orders, shop floor, warehouses, automatic re-ordering, incident management & more.

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Intelligent inventory management

Goodbye spreadsheets, enter intelligent inventory management. Dynamic inventory management, auto re-ordering, multi-warehouses, bar code scanning, insightful reporting & more.

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AI driven automation

Originscale learns from your inventory replenishment patterns to make smart recommendations so you never miss a sale

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Immutable traceability solution

Take charge of your supply chains, with complete visibility into your operations across suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, marketplaces, and others. All in one place.


You + Originscale = Success!

The entire predictions, packed in one single click.

Your success is our success, we're just a click away when you need help!

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World class 24x7 Support

Dedicated 24X7 support though our online help, access hundreds of how-to articles and videos anytime anywhere. 

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Dedicated Success Coach

You will have access to a dedicated customer success coach. Be it onboaridng, on-demand  help on consulting to scale your business, your coach will be at your service - always!

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Cloud-based Platform

100% cloud based platform, no installation needed - always on!

Limited time offer - first 100 users only!

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Namra Parikh

CTO at Creditt India

“Obviously AI is a no-brainer tool for predictive analytics. Easy to integrate and predict outcomes without any knowledge of machine learning.”

Product Features

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Traceability & Trackability

Module stitches together the critical tracking events of your products and ingredients at the batch-lot level to give you a real-time visualization.

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Recall & withdrawal

Initiate a recall or stock withdrawal across all your locations simultaneously from Originscale, using email, phone, and text.

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Inventory management

Seamlessly integrates your sales channels and inventory locations to give your team complete and reliable inventory control.