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Industry-Leading Cannabis MRP Software

Elevate your cannabis business to new heights with our customizable manufacturing software.


Efficiently monitor expenses and optimize resource allocation

Originscale's cannabis processing software is the ultimate solution to enhance your business and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Gain valuable insights and easily share data with your team, empowering them with immediate access to trends and metrics that can propel your business to new heights.

Streamline Your Production with Ease

Whether you need a basic or advanced MRP solution, our platform allows you to customize routes and recipes to accurately calculate requirements and costs. You can easily scale your operations according to your preferred pace.

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Gain complete operational visibility and run a successful retail business with Seed and Beyond’s Hemp & CBD Retail Module, by

Calculate and Plan Work Based on Accurate Costs 

Effectively manage your extractions, consumables, and drying processes with a proven production solution used by canna businesses worldwide. Gain maximum visibility into your supply chain, accurately calculate your true cost per gram, and control costs efficiently.

Effortlessly manage and run all your production tasks.

Upgrade your cannabis inventory management software with our modern and ROI-driven solution. Our software utilizes the latest insights and technologies to meet the demands of today's industry requirements. Benefit from a proven manufacturing module equipped with essential features such as Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Lot Tracking, and Traceability, and Bill of Materials (BOM).


Easily share and visualize insights within your organization

Ensure that your entire team can access the crucial data. Leverage the robust Power BI tool to connect to various data sources and present your manufacturing data in dynamic dashboards and reports. This comprehensive solution goes beyond cannabis track and trace software, offering enhanced visibility and organization throughout your entire operation. Embrace it to propel your cannabusiness to unprecedented levels of growth.

Increase productivity and achieve peace of mind with our advanced cannabis manufacturing software

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Originscale offers manufacturing software for cannabis operators of any size. Our software provides a real-time overview of your production process, helping you increase efficiency in all areas of your business.


Live Inventory management:

Track inventory in real-time to stay updated on stock availability, committed raw materials, finished products, and shipped items.

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Real time manufacturing planning

Streamline your decision-making process in your industry with originscale's automated prioritisation of manufacturing orders.

Accurate Costing

Maximise sales and manage your manufacturing costs efficiently using bill of materials (BOM) and ongoing production operations tracking.


Demand Planning

Ensure the safety of your inventory by accurately predicting future demand for your products and ingredients. Avoid the risk of overstocking or running out of stock.

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Barcode Scanning

Easily manage and monitor batches, raw materials, and items with a unified barcode inventory system in one manufacturing software, ensuring precision.


Ecommerce Integrations

Originscale seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Woo-Commerce, allowing you to effortlessly sell your products.

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Meet Baloo - Your

AI Copilot

Use the power of natural language programming and just tell the AI bot "Baloo" to take day to day actions for you. 

Baloo the AI chatbot by originscale
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