Automate, Automate & Automate...

Automate your everyday operations with ease.

Meet Originscale's intelligent bots.

Operations in sync

Automate your data flow across order management system, inventory, and purchasing

Outsource to Orderbots

Outsource your everyday tasks to the intelligent bots and spend your time in making data-driven decisions rather than doing mundane tasks.


Originscale learns from your inventory replenishment patterns to make smart recommendations so you never miss a sale

Auto PO, always right order
Prevent overselling

POs are automatically created based on current sales velocity, lead times, and seasonality in real-time

Set inventory allocation rules and general inventory control, per channel

Automate replenishments

Keep your products stocked, with constantly updating values like sales velocity, reorder quantities, and forecasted reorder dates

Logistics and shipping, handled using Originscale's bots

Bundle up or break it down

Bundle products or split bundled products into components

Order splitting

Split up your orders for efficient fulfillment

Manufacturing order automation

Automate manufacturing orders using originscale automation bots

Inventory coverage automation

Cover yourself using mean max inventory coverage method

Work from the beach and let Originscale bots take care of the rest!

With Originscale automation the business can automate a variety of tasks, including:

  • Automating replenishment and purchase orders

  • Automated delivery of customer orders

  • Assigning fulfillment operations 

  • Tracking stock across warehouses

  • Syncing order and inventory data from every sales channel 

  • Multi-channel inventory management 

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Work from the beach and let Orginscale bots take care of the rest.

See how originscale can help you optimize your operations, reduce cost, and retain more customers.

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