Bringing transparency, trust, and credibility into product-making and selling by democratizing critical quality information.

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Our mission is to empower

Brands establish transparency, trust, and credibility in their product making & selling.

Consumers make informed choices about the products they want to consume.

We all have the right to know what we are consuming!

  • Where did my food come from?

  • What does it contains?

  • How do I know if it’s really organic?

  • How did they impact the planet?

  • Did the brand follow sustainable practices?

….much more!

As a human race, we have come so far in our journey led by technology where Moon and Mars are no longer distant planets and Artificial Intelligence is bound to take us to another level. Yet, we don’t know what we are consuming!

Health and wellness have become a number #1 priority for consumers for many years, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

Due to this, there has been a massive surge in the brands promising to bring natural, organic & sustainable products to consumers. Today, consumers are looking for trust beyond the tall marketing claims and unreliable certificates. They want to know more about the products they are consuming, some of the questions they are asking are:

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Our Story

A couple years ago, we as founders embarked upon a journey of bringing natural, organic and sustainable products to the market. We soon realised that there was no easy way to run and scale our business based on integrity and trust as most of our suppliers/manufacturers were overseas and we had no visibility of their processes and couldn’t control our supply chain. Technology couldn’t solve our problem as most of the softwares are focused on solving operational aspects of the supply chain but there is none that could help us establish a credible brand of our dreams that would stand on the pillars of transparency, trust and credibility.

This is when Originscale was born, we are on a mission to bring transparency to the global supply chains empowering brands to establish integrity, trust, and credibility with their consumers and help consumers make informed decisions about the products they want to consume.

We are a team of experienced professionals with deep roots in technology and good experience in the consumable industry.

Some Facts

3 in 5 global consumers are interested in “learning more about where their product comes from and how it is made”

Rise of Sustainable product consumption – 73% of millennials don’t mind paying premium for the right product

This isn’t easy for any brand to achieve as the global supply chains are complex and often borrowed therefore it is hard for the brands to know what’s happening across their product lifecycle from source to the consumer.

At Originscale, we are committed to making product making and selling more efficient, transparent, connected, and credible for the benefit of the brands and the consumers.


Looking to invest?

We are currently raising money to take Originscale to the new heights,

please write to if you would like to be participate in the making of Originscale.

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We would love to talk to you, drop us a line now!

We love telling stories and listen to others stories with the same vigour, because it’s only

“Together we can change the world”.

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